Weekly Meeting Preview – 4/30/2014

Closing out the month, it is time to reflect on the accomplishments of meetings past see where we stand in relation to our goals.

  • Build Carpetball Table
  • Set up website
  • Create 3d Carpetball: The Game proof of concept
  • Observe and improve gameplay – optional rules and game modifiers
  • Drafted letter to the NCA (not yet complete/sent)

Goals of this week’s meeting:

  • Remove portion of screws protruding through the bottom of the play surface (Dremel)
  • Move wheels to the edges of the table to add stability to the gutter backstops – just as the NCA build plans show, go figure

We have yet to finish our letter to the NCA, but it should be forthcoming. The plan was to have the letter completed and sent by 4/30/2014. Considering this happens to be the last meeting of the month, it does not appear we will meet this goal. In the near future we also need to be working toward an official C.O.C.S. logo. The logo will be an important step in establishing a “brand” for our Society.

It is also important to note, for the benefit our many followers, that we plan to change the website and eliminate the post format in favor of static pages at some point in the future. There is no clear timeline for the change, but expect the change as the C.O.C.S. becomes more established and administrative duties reduce the frequency of posts. That may be a time for us to investigate Facebook as a means to disseminate important information.

Happy Carpetballing!

Carpetball 3d: The Game – Update 4

Here is an update to Carpetball 3d: The Game. I have yet to add any new game controls or new HUD, however I have made the environment a bit more friendly than the drab dungeon look of the first pass. Hopefully the next update will include some significant new features. Unfortunately, we have been experiencing excellent Carpetball weather, so no promises.

For a reminder of the game controls, see the original post.

Play Now

Carpetball 3d: The Game - Update 4

Carpetball 3d: The Game – Update 4