Weekly Meeting

In previous meetings, we experimented with a modifier called Three Card Draw. Last meeting this concept was expanded upon. With a deck of Uno cards, we attempted the Five Card Draw. This slight modification moves beyon the 3-card to a 5-card system. With Three Card Draw, the values of the cards were 3, 4 and 5. With Five Card Draw, the 3-, 4- and 5-cards are kept and two new cards are added. From the Uno deck, the +1 and +2 cards are appended to the traditional Three Card Draw set. After a card is drawn, the card must be replaced and the drawing player mix up the cards for their opponent to choose a card.

While we are not quite clear who the drawn cards affects, we moved to experimentation. The possibilities are:

  1. Card drawn indicates number of balls opponent places on table
  2. Card drawn indicates number of balls drawing player places on table

This must be decided beforehand to prevent arguments and successive re-draws.

Another possibility that we experimented with is placing the cards face down in the middle of the table. Each player takes one turn throwing the cue ball down the table to push the card they wan to throw against toward the opposing player’s gutter.

There are multiple possibilities for this and we will continue to research this as a future modifier.

Another subject that has come up over the past week is the Battleship modifier. We would like to create a stable, efficient obfuscation screen to place in the middle of the table. The plan is to take two boards of appropriate height and width to obscure each player’s ability to see the balls on the opposite end of the table. We then would attach a hinge at one end and attach a tether between the board to prevent it from flattening on the table. Imagine this shape as a capital letter A. Without the raw materials to build this at the meeting, it has been postponed for a future meeting.

That brings up another subject. We will be on hiatus for a week of rest and relaxation, so next week’s meeting will be skipped. During this time we can thoughtfully reflect on meetings past and plan for an epic meeting upon return to regular our schedule the following week.

May Carpetball be with you.

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