Weekly Meeting – 4/9/2014

The April 9th weekly meeting of the Central Ohio Carpetball Society has concluded. Previously, we had set the goal to prepare for publicizing the website through a series of steps with a deadline of April 30th. At this point, our progress is ahead of schedule.

This week, we successfully completed the carpetball table and subsequently spent additional time testing the carpetball table gameplay and have succeeded in validating playability. Enough evidence has also been collected to further refine Carpetball 3d: The Game.

Over the next week or so, we will be working to complete a final draft letter to the NCA seeking chartership. Before this letter can be submitted, we will need to flesh out portions of our website to help properly portray the intentions of the Central Ohio Carpetball Society and further explain who we are.

Look forward to further photos of our project and expansion to the game Carpetball 3d: The Game in the near future.

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