Carpetball 3d: The Game (Demo)

Getting familiar with some new development tools: Check out Carpetball 3d: The Game!!!

The goal is to provide a realistic Carpetball experience in a 3d game. Hopefully, after research conducted in this week’s C.O.C.S. meeting, we can further refine the physics in this proof of concept. Keep in mind, this game will most closely match play on our table, which has rather heavy pile, thick carpet. The ball tends to leave the table fairly easily and the carpet probably provides quite a bit of friction.

Currently in the game demo, the player can throw the ball fairly accurately with collisions and sounds. My initial goal was to mock up the game with simple primitive objects and basic user interaction to prove play-ability.

I think we can move forward from here and refine it into an actual game.

Upcoming features

  1. Player controls: Throw launch angle and velocity
  2. Improved sound effects
  3. Refined physics and improved textures
  4. Scoring, turn-based multi-player (will also prevent affecting own balls)
  5. Touchscreen support
  6. Networked multi-player


Left-click and drag to move own balls on table
A,S,D,F – move through scene
Space – throw ball, press again to return ball to throwing position
Note: Jump control has been disabled

Carpetball 3d Game Demo

Carpetball 3d Game Demo