Weekly Meeting

Another amazing C.O.C.S. meeting is now behind us with much to report. There were some minor changes to make to the Carpetball table, a letter to write, and much exploration into research and development.

Accomplishments from this week’s meeting:

  1. Moved the wheels to the edges of the tables
    This added stability to the back of the gutter, which surprisingly impacted gameplay. The balls have a higher likelihood to bounce off the back of the gutter and return to the play surface. While it takes some time to get used it, the increased difficulty is welcome.
  2. Cut off the ends of the screws protruding through some of the boards underneath the table. Safety is a must!
  3. Completed letter to the NCA – we hope to be able to post this letter at some point in the near future.
  4. New exciting game modifiers explored
    Three Card Draw – 3 playing cards (3, 4, and 5) are placed face down on the table. Each player takes turns choosing a card to determine how many balls they may place on the table for the start of the game.
    Battleship – A barrier is placed in the middle of the table. Each play may arrange their balls as in a traditional game, however, the opponent may not look at the player’s arrangement. Throws are made “blind”. When a ball is knocked into the gutter, the player must yell “You sunk my Carpetball!”. When all of the balls are knocked into the gutter, the player must yell “You sunk my Carpetballs!”
    Optional Battleship Modifier: Peek mode – players may look under the barrier only.
    The Five Star Drop modifier may be used for Battleship. We did not attempt the Darts modifier, though I doubt it would be playable.

Battleship mode was excellent. It did not come up during gameplay, but I believe that it would be fun to try a combination of Swapsies and Battleship.

With all of the optional modifiers and optional rules we have researched, we are very excited to organize our notes and publish our findings. It will be interesting to see what makes the cut and what does not.

Photos to come…

Weekly Meeting Preview – 4/30/2014

Closing out the month, it is time to reflect on the accomplishments of meetings past see where we stand in relation to our goals.

  • Build Carpetball Table
  • Set up website
  • Create 3d Carpetball: The Game proof of concept
  • Observe and improve gameplay – optional rules and game modifiers
  • Drafted letter to the NCA (not yet complete/sent)

Goals of this week’s meeting:

  • Remove portion of screws protruding through the bottom of the play surface (Dremel)
  • Move wheels to the edges of the table to add stability to the gutter backstops – just as the NCA build plans show, go figure

We have yet to finish our letter to the NCA, but it should be forthcoming. The plan was to have the letter completed and sent by 4/30/2014. Considering this happens to be the last meeting of the month, it does not appear we will meet this goal. In the near future we also need to be working toward an official C.O.C.S. logo. The logo will be an important step in establishing a “brand” for our Society.

It is also important to note, for the benefit our many followers, that we plan to change the website and eliminate the post format in favor of static pages at some point in the future. There is no clear timeline for the change, but expect the change as the C.O.C.S. becomes more established and administrative duties reduce the frequency of posts. That may be a time for us to investigate Facebook as a means to disseminate important information.

Happy Carpetballing!

Weekly Meeting – 4/23/2014

Another weekly meeting of the C.O.C.S. has come and gone. Though some of our weekly antics were overshadowed by the NHL playoffs and the Columbus Blue Jacket’s amazing victory, we did play an unprecedented amount of Carpetball.

As with weeks prior, we tested some new game modifiers.

  • Darts – Both players must use an overhand throw
  • Swapsies – Each player arranges the balls how they would like to play them, then the players trade ends of the table
    This is can be more difficult than you would think…

We discussed an agenda for the next meeting and what needs to be accomplished in the interim.

  • Prior to next meeting
    • Finish and send the letter to the NCA
    • Investigate C.O.C.S. logo options
  • Move the wheels on the table to the edges of the ends to add stability
  • Use a Dremel to cut off the end of screws that are exposed on the underside of the table

Go Jackets bluejacketslogo


Carpetball 3d: The Game – Update 4

Here is an update to Carpetball 3d: The Game. I have yet to add any new game controls or new HUD, however I have made the environment a bit more friendly than the drab dungeon look of the first pass. Hopefully the next update will include some significant new features. Unfortunately, we have been experiencing excellent Carpetball weather, so no promises.

For a reminder of the game controls, see the original post.

Play Now

Carpetball 3d: The Game - Update 4

Carpetball 3d: The Game – Update 4

Weekly Meeting Minutes – 4/16/2014

In lieu of a meeting agenda this week, we decided to take notes during out meeting. As there is certainly adult beverages being consumed, it does not seem pertinent to track the actual minutes, though the topic should certainly be logged for future discussion.

  • Packed up tools and cleaned up areas that may have been missed in previous cleanup projects
  • Set up the table in the yard for photos
  • Work on charter letter
  • Play Carpetball
  • Play Carpetball
  • Talk about Carpetball
    • New game option in research and development: Five Star Drop for plush carpet
      • To start a game, each player arranges four balls in a diamond shape. The fifth ball must be placed on top of and in the center of the four balls. This ball must be in contact with each of the four balls forming a base of a pyramid. The balls forming the base of the pyramid may be oriented in any direction the player wishes and in any location behind the Penal line.
      • Before gameplay starts, each player must stand on their respective end of the table and hold a ball (cue ball and eight ball, for example) above the ball pyramid. The ball must be held a minimum of 6 inches above the pyramid. Each player simultaneously will call out 1, 2, 3, Carpetball! and drop their ball. The player may not impart any downward force or rotation to the ball being dropped. The drop ball must contact the pyramid first with the ball at the top of the pyramid.
      • The ball drop will define the ball formation for the start of gameplay. Any balls that roll completely beyond the Penal line are forfeited and must be placed in the gutter. In this option, the ball is permitted to be partially touching the line, however may not be completely beyond the line. Any balls that roll into the gutter during the drop must remain in the gutter for the duration of the game unless forced onto the playing surface or off the table during normal gameplay. The drop ball will not be used during gameplay, with the exception of the cue ball, and must be removed from the table and must not be placed in player’s gutter.
      • If the players happen to extend gameplay to the second round, a Four Star Drop will commence as described in the Five Star Drop gameplay option.
      • Any further rounds will revert to Elite Mode, which allows the player to place the 3-, 2- and finally 1- ball rounds in any configuration defined in traditional gameplay rules.
  • Play Carpetball

….. Now that it is two days past the meeting and our lack of commitment to documenting our endeavors has been made evident, I feel that it is time to finish this post! As you can tell, playing Carpetball took precedence over other pressing matters. Without further adieu, I will proceed to update the list above, which you have likely already read, making this sentence completely unnecessary.

Carpetball Table - Storage Mode

Carpetball Table – Storage Mode

Setting up Outside for Photos

Setting up Outside for Photos

Taking Construction Photos

Taking Construction Photos

Weekly Meeting – 4/9/2014

The April 9th weekly meeting of the Central Ohio Carpetball Society has concluded. Previously, we had set the goal to prepare for publicizing the website through a series of steps with a deadline of April 30th. At this point, our progress is ahead of schedule.

This week, we successfully completed the carpetball table and subsequently spent additional time testing the carpetball table gameplay and have succeeded in validating playability. Enough evidence has also been collected to further refine Carpetball 3d: The Game.

Over the next week or so, we will be working to complete a final draft letter to the NCA seeking chartership. Before this letter can be submitted, we will need to flesh out portions of our website to help properly portray the intentions of the Central Ohio Carpetball Society and further explain who we are.

Look forward to further photos of our project and expansion to the game Carpetball 3d: The Game in the near future.

Weekly Meeting Preview

The next Central Ohio Carpetball Society meeting is 4/9/2014.


  • Discuss and document rules considered at last meeting and proposed over the past week
  • Add wheels and hinge to table (to be sourced prior to meeting)
  • Add permanent Penal Line that is currently marked with tape. Don’t worry, at some point we will create a glossary of C.O.C.S. recognized Carpetball terms.
  • Draft a letter to the National Carpetball Association to try to obtain official charter
    • Considering we are pretty sure the NCA is probably in all seriousness not a real thing, it won’t stop us from trying. 🙂
  • Gather empirical evidence (play Carpetball) to support or adjust physics in Carpetball 3d: The Game

Whiteboard Brainstorming Session

During last week’s C.O.C.S. meeting, Andrew had an idea to make an extension for the carpetball table to allow expanding from 12-feet to 16-feet. This would allow the table to be expanded without permanently committing to the design. Care will need to be taken to prevent uneven surfaces that may affect the game.

When discussing what to do and how to do it, we often resort to the whiteboard.

Carpetball Table Extension

Carpetball Table 16′ Extension

Updated 4/7/2014: Erica pointed out that we will be constrained by space. The only useful location that can support a 16 foot carpetball table and be reasonably leveled is the yard. Considering this is an indoor table and will be used almost exclusively indoors, there will not be much use to an extension.

Carpetball 3d: The Game (Demo)

Getting familiar with some new development tools: Check out Carpetball 3d: The Game!!!

The goal is to provide a realistic Carpetball experience in a 3d game. Hopefully, after research conducted in this week’s C.O.C.S. meeting, we can further refine the physics in this proof of concept. Keep in mind, this game will most closely match play on our table, which has rather heavy pile, thick carpet. The ball tends to leave the table fairly easily and the carpet probably provides quite a bit of friction.

Currently in the game demo, the player can throw the ball fairly accurately with collisions and sounds. My initial goal was to mock up the game with simple primitive objects and basic user interaction to prove play-ability.

I think we can move forward from here and refine it into an actual game.

Upcoming features

  1. Player controls: Throw launch angle and velocity
  2. Improved sound effects
  3. Refined physics and improved textures
  4. Scoring, turn-based multi-player (will also prevent affecting own balls)
  5. Touchscreen support
  6. Networked multi-player


Left-click and drag to move own balls on table
A,S,D,F – move through scene
Space – throw ball, press again to return ball to throwing position
Note: Jump control has been disabled

Carpetball 3d Game Demo

Carpetball 3d Game Demo